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Beta Glucosidase

Beta glucosidase enzyme is the food grade cellobiase enzyme to transfer glucose into Gentiooligsaccharide.
Product Description

Beta glucosidase enzyme is the food grade cellobiase enzyme to transfer glucose into Gentiooligsaccharide. This product is Cellobiase also named β-glucosidase with the Art No. BGL. It belongs to hydrolytic enzyme with the name of β-D-glucoside hydrolase or gentiobiase. It also contains the activity of transglycosidase enzyme. It is made from fungal strain through liquid deep fermentation pureration and extraction

beta glucosidase

Product Standard

The product complies with GB1886.174

Product Characteristics


Appearace: White or pale yellow brown powder or liquid preparation

Applied Range

1. Use the glycosides enzyme to produce Gentiooligsaccharide

2. Use the glycosides enzyme to transfer glucose into Gentiooligsaccharide which can induce the manufacture of Cellulase to improve 20% Cellulase activity, then improve the brightness of the liquid cellulose and comprehensive improve the quality of the Cellulase.

3 Used as aromatic components of tea, fruits, vegetables and flavor enzyme. One part exist as detached form and the other part exist as Flavor precursor substance---β-glucoside.The synergetic effect of BGL and other flavor enzyme onβ-glucoside is to release volatility glocoside aglycon to enhance aroma and improve the natural flavor of fruit juice

4. Use to debitterize. Decompose laetrile into benzaldehyde, hydrocyanic acid and two molecules of glucose to greatly reduce the bitterness

5. Use to extract polydatin to improve the polydatin yield

Usage and dosage

In Gentiooligsaccharide manufacturing : glucose density 60~80%, PH 4.5 temperature 50~60℃, the dosage is 90U per gram glucose, add 1mmol/L  K+, transformation period is 40~60h , the maximum accumulative total amount of Gentian oligosaccharides is 50g/L

Using in fermentation of the Trichoderma reesei strain to manufacture Cellulase: At the induction stage, add the above-mentioned liquid glucose according to the technology requirement. The specific dosage need to be decided according to technology characters and experiment.

Storage and Shelf Life

Package:25kg/jerry can.
Storage: Keep sealed in a dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 12 months in a dry and cool place.

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