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Acid Protease

1. Temperature : 30-50 , optimum 40-50
2. P H :2.5-6.0 , optimum 2.5-3.5
Product Description


1. Temperature : 30-50 , optimum 40-50

2. P H :2.5-6.0 , optimum 2.5-3.5

acid proteaseprotease


1. Solid type is powder form with specification from 50000u/g to 100000u/g. Liquid type is dark brown liquid form with specification from 50000u/ml to 100000u/ml.

2. Unit definition : The amount of enzyme needed to hydrolyze 1ug of casein in one minute at pH3.0, 40 (u/g or u/ml).

3. Standard: QB1805.3-93.

Application Guide:

1. In manufacture of alcohol for grain fermentation , The recommended dosage is 10-15 units /gram raw material .It is also decided according to raw material and specific technics .

2. In manufacture of feedstuff and food processing , The recommended dosage is 5-10 units /gram raw material.It is also decided according to the specific conditions of customer .

3. In manufacture of soy sauce, add the enzyme for 25 units, In the fermentation of solid distilled spirit , add the enzyme for 20 units.

Application Notice:

1.when the Acid Protease for solid type is used ,they should dissolve

in the water with the proportion of 1:20.at the temperature of 30-40 .

2.when the Acid Protease is used in fermentation industry , the speed of fermentation is quickened, The rising temperature is rapid for fermentation.It should strictly controll the temperature which is not more than 40 .

Safety Usage:

It should avoid the inhalation of mist or dust of enzyme .It should wash with water for at least 15 minutes in case of contact with hands and eyes.

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