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Bromelain is a natural enzyme which is extracted from the stems of pineapples by biotechnology.
Product Description

Bromelain is a natural enzyme which is extracted from the stems of pineapples by biotechnology. The main component of bromelain is a mercapto group-containing protease,also contains peroxidase, acid phosphatase, several protease inhibitors and organic active calcium, the activity center is mercapto (—SH), it can perform a variety of protein hydrolysis, biochemical reactions, it is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.



●The successful development of high heat resistance stability enzyme activity preservation techniques, bromelain thermal stability is under conditions of 80 ℃, 5 days later, activity preservation rate is above 96%, more stable than similar products in the market Which only around 45%.


● Food industry: Hydrolyzed protein molecules into small peptides or amino acids by useing enzymatic reactions.

● Cardiovascular disease prevention: inhibit heart attacks and strokes which is caused by blood platelet aggregation, relieve angina symptoms and arterial systole.

● Used to fire burn and decrustation: taring selectively, so that the new skin can be transplanted as soon as possible.

● Anti-inflammatory effect: effective treatment of inflammation and edema.

● Enhance drug absorption: promoting antibiotics in the transmission of the infection site, thereby reducing the dosage of antibiotics.

● Cosmetics: to make human skin aging cuticle degradation, promote skin metabolism.


Activity is expressed by GDU/g, complies with the specifications of FCC Ⅳ and JEFCA.


● The reaction temperature is 50-60 ℃, the concentration of material (ingredients) is 25 to 50%, PH 4.5-5.5, enzyme dosage of 0.1 to 0.3% (in material weight), reaction time is 6 to 8 hours. Temperature, PH, added, reaction time can make appropriate changes based on different substrates.

● The optimal amount of enzyme added production should follow the specific produce circumstances, please feel free to email us or call us.


Inner packaging:1kg/bag,5kg/bag

Outer packaging:20kg/paper box, 25kg/drum.


● Normal room temperature in a cool, dry environment away from light, avoid high temperature, moisture, and direct sunlight, the shelf life is 12 months.

● Too long storage time or adverse storage conditions will occur different degrees reduction for the enzyme activity, proper addition for dosage will be required when using.


If in-taking an overdose of enzyme powder or droplet, it may cause allergic.

Long-term touch has stimulation to the skin, eyes and mucous membrane tissue.

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