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Bakery Enzyme

Bakery enzymes can improve the quality of dough, and bakery products like bread, noodles, cookies, etc. by improving the structure and whiteness of dough to make the bakery products bloom, look whiter and taste better.
Product Description

Bakery enzymes can improve the quality of dough, and bakery products like bread, noodles, cookies, etc. by improving the structure and whiteness of dough to make the bakery products bloom, look whiter and taste better.

bakery enzyme

The general bakery enzymes including Lipase, Fungal Alpha-Amylase, Fungal Xylanase, Glucose Oxidase, Transglutaminase(TG Enzyme), Neutral Protease, Maltase, Laccase, etc.

1. Lipase

Lipase can effectively improve quality of all kinds of flour including magnifying loaf volume, optimizing gluten matrix to make it exquisite and make mouthfeel better, slowing down evaporating of moisture around crust, prolonging its shelf life, improving smooth finish and whiteness of noodles to make a better flexibility and mouthfeel, and modifying internal construction of steamed buns to promote quality performance of velvety and brilliant crust and great tasting.

2. Fungal Alpha-Amylase

Fungal Alpha-Amylase can increase the fermentation speed of dough, save fermentation time; Increase the expansibility of dough; Improve the structure of the bread, steamed bread, increase flexibility of internal organization, and increase the volume; Improve the color of bread crust; comprehensively improve the quality of bread.

In the bread and steamed bread processing , the recommended dosage is 0.002-0.01 kg/t flour ( base on 100000 u/g ) . it often blend with xylanase for best performance.

3. Glucose Oxidase

Glucose Oxidase can improve the operational performance of dough; Improve the stability of dough; Improve the inflation rapidity and quality of bread.

4. Fungal Xylanase

Fungal Xylanase can improve the flour quality, increase the baker’s volume; improve the bread’s internal structure; Improve the dough’s structure and fermentability, increase its processability; Delay the aging speed and enhance the quality of bread; The xylanase have good synergistic effect with lipase.

5. Transglutaminase(TG Enzyme)

Transglutaminase(TG Enzyme can be used in a diverse range of wheat flour products; Texture improvement; Retain shape and texture after baking; Less crumb after cutting; Hold original flavor (locks in your products good taste).

6. Neutral Protease

Neutral Protease can catalyze protein hydrolysis in neutral environment and generates peptide and a small quantity of amino acids. It can improve dough conditioning, make dough larger volume, prolong shelf-life; Increase softness; Increase smoothness.

In baking industry, the recommended dosage is 0.1-0.3kg/t flour.

7. Maltase

Maltase can break down Amylose, amylopectin and cyclodextrin, converting glucose and maltose into oligosaccharides, cut difference kinds of short chain dextrin and a bit Low Molecular Sugar, and then reduce the aging rate of starch and extend the product shelf life. It can keep the bread core moist; Keep the bread core softness and elasticity; Extending the product shelf life.

Dosage for 7,000DP/g: 12-128ppm (1.2-12.8g/100kg Flour).

8. Laccase

Laccase can oxidize aromatic amino acids, making baked products crispy, better in flavor, larger in volume, less hardness, and better stability.


1kg per bag, 20kg per carton.

Shelf Life

12 months.

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