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Alkaline Protease

Alkaline Protese is obtained by controlled fermentation of Bacillus Subtilis. It is widely used in tan, silk, food, medical treatment and brewing industries, etc.
Product Description


Alkaline Protese is obtained by controlled fermentation of Bacillus Subtilis. It is widely used in tan, silk, food, medical treatment and brewing industries, etc.

alkaline proteasealkaline protease liquid


1. Temperature : 20-65 , optimum 35-45℃

2. P H :6.0-11.0, optimum 9.5-10.5


1. Activity: Solid type: 50000U/g to 1000000U/g; 700000 U/g for food grade. Liquid type: 50000u/ml to 100000u/ml.

2. Unit definition : The amount of enzyme needed to hydrolyze 1ug of casein  in one minute at pH3.0, 40 (u/g or u/ml).

3. Standard: GB/T 23527-2009


1. Textile industry

Exclusively hydrolyzing impurities such as keratin, elastin and globulin etc., no damage to collagen, can be used for leather depilation and softening. When soaking it helps leather absorb water, while depilation it helps separate mucoid, which connects fur and skin, thus to loose collagenous fiber and keep leather soft after tanning. For wool fiber processing it plays works well on felting wool, low temperature dyeing, anti-pilling, soft finish and biological polishing;For raw silk degumming makes finished products softly and smoothly, shiny and bright, elasticity, and reduces scathe on the fabric strength, quickly degumming, reduces energy consumption and environment pollutions.

2. Detergent

With wide substrate specificity, good temperature and Ph stability, protease can effectively remove variety protein stains. It’s avaliable for both cold and hot water washing. It will bring better effects if used togerther with lipase and some other enzymes.

3. Alcohol brewing

Effectively decomposing protein macromolecules, improving the output rate of liquor and flavor components concentration; improving the clerification of grape wines and the stability of beer foam; also it can be used other brewing industries such as soy sauce and vinegar brewing; can be used together with beta-glucanase, cellulase etc..

4. Feed industry

Promoting animal’s digestive ability of protein, polypeptide and amino acid; improving animal’s digestive physiological function, reducing diseases. Highly increacing growth, promoting feed utilization rate and reduce costs; it also can be used together with other enzymes.

5. Other industries

Effectively hydrolyze protein, can be used in many other industries such as flour processing, gelatin production, meat tenderizing, meet with different processing.

Package Storage

Packing: 20/25kg/bag

Store under sealed, room temperature (less than 25℃) condition for 12 months for solid type and 6 months for liquid type in original package.

Avoid to be exposed to the sun, rain, high temperature and high humidity.

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