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Lipase 110 can catalyze lipids hydrolyzation, esterification, and transesterification. Lipase 110 has many advantages including efficient reaction, working on mild conditions, and no poisonous or any other side effects.
Product Description

Lipase 110 can catalyze lipids hydrolyzation, esterification, and transesterification. Lipase 110 has many advantages including efficient reaction, working on mild conditions, and no poisonous or any other side effects. It can be widely used as food, tonnages, or detergent additive, or in paper deinking, biodiesel industry, etc.

lipaselipase enzyme

Definition of enzyme activity

Lipase: One unit (U) of lipase is defined as the quantity of enzyme, which liberates 1μmol of titratable fatty acid from olive oilat 40℃ and pH7.5 in 1min

Product characteristic

1. A wide temperature range of activity; excellent thermostability; High enzyme activity at 30°C-70°C.

2. A wide pH range of activity. High enzyme activity under pH 2.5 to 11.5 helps to play a better role in different lines.

3. Top liquid submerged fermentation with chosen genetic engineering bacteria as material makes high stability and efficiency.


Graph1 Lipase 110 Temperature Curve


Graph2 Lipase 110 pH Curve


Graph3 Lipase 110 Stability Curve

Product Functions

Flour improving agent: Lipase 110 has satisfactory emulsifiability. It can effectively improve quality of all kinds of flour including magnifying loaf volume, optimizing gluten matrix to make it exquisite and make mouthfeel better, slowing down evaporating of moisture around crust, prolonging its shelf life, improving smooth finish and whiteness of noodles to make a better flexibility and mouthfeel, and modifying internal construction of steamed buns to promote quality performance of velvety and brilliant crust and great tasting.

Tanning industry: Lipase 110 can catalyze lipids in leather hydrolyzation, decrease the using amount of chemical materials and environmental pollution. It can make degreasing and dyeing more even, make the soaking process more rapid and even. It will decrease expansion during soaking in lime process, which is beneficial to dispersing of lime and sodium sulfide. It makes the softening process more gentle and even. These effects bring up performances like smooth surface and clean grainflat, enhanced flexibility and intensity, and higher gain rate of leather. The collagenous fiber is protected and the using effects are clearer and safer. Lipase 110 can be widely applied in tanning preparing workshop section, like degreasing, soaking, soaking in lime process, softening, etc. Meanwhile, it can be used in conjunction with protease according to different process requirement.

Other industries: Lipase 110 can catalyze lipids hydrolyzation in high efficiency. It also can be used in dairy food, liquor flavor enhancers, producing lipids into fatty acid and glycerine, petrochemical engineering, cleaning medical equipment, washing greasy dirt, deinking waste paper, etc. to meet different processing.

Specification and Usage


Lipase 110


100000u/g (GBT23535-2009)


Flour process: 3-5ppm for steamed buns and noodle flour, 10-20ppm for bread flour (1-2g/100kg for flour), 0.3-0.5% for flour improver.

Tanning: used in conjunction with protease, and lipase should be 10% generally of total enzyme amount. Other industries: used properly based on working conditions.

Package and Storage

Packaging: 25kg/bag; liquid lipase: 30kg per plastic barrel.

Store in original package under sealed, room temperature condition for 12 months to solid form, and 6 months to liquid form (less than 25 ℃).

Avoid to be exposed to the sun, rain, high temperature and high humidity.

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