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Beta Glucan

1.Anti-cancer, anti-tumor;
2.Enhance immunity, anti-oxidation;
3.Promote wound healing;
4.Remove upper airway inflammation.
Product Description

Glucan structure from different sources

beta glucan

Product Features

1. Anti-cancer, anti-tumor;

2. Enhance immunity, anti-oxidation;

3. Promote wound healing;

4. Remove upper airway inflammation.

Application of β-glucan

Catering: yogurt, sports and nutrition bars, dietary substitutes, cereals, snacks, baked goods, etc.

Beverages: Juices for smoothies, enhanced waters, sports and energy drinks, nutritional drinks, milk and dairy products.

Supplements: capsules and tablets, soft candy and chewable tablets, powdered mixture, pills, effervescent agents, granules, etc.

Others: functional food granules, tablet foods, solid beverages, cakes, pressed sweets, etc.

Package and Storage

Solid food packaging bag, 25kg / barrel.

Store avoid exposure, high temperature, humidity, keep clean, cool, dry and cryogenic storage during transportation and storage.

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